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AXT Turbo has designed, developed and produces custom turbocharger repair equipment, specifically for the turbo manufacture and repair industry.

As AXT Turbo has been manufacturing and repairing our own turbochargers for years, we have in depth knowledge on what is actually required to successfully assemble quality turbochargers.

Part of the knowledge is knowing the limitations of todays readily available commercial testing equipment, the work-arounds and "cheats".

As our own staff simply just wanted good reliable and accurate equipment, that "did the job", we sat down and started to design a single piece of equipment which would solely perform the duties of many other individual commercial tools.

This lead to the development of the
AXT VSR DYNO incorporates all the standard VSR balancing capabilities, as well as flow testing/checking, actuator setting ( both boost and VVT/VNT technology actuation ) and reporting.

AXT VSR DYNO is available to both manufacturer and aftermarket repairers, in a variety of configurations to suit your specific needs.

contact AXT Turbo for further information on how to rapidly speed up your testing environment processes, with 100% accuracy and repeatability.

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