HotBits Performance Parts are able to supply you with a wide model range that is designed specifically for cars demanding only the best products. When you want to improve not only the performance of your car but the styling and look of it as well, you don't need to go further than HotBits.


An Australian based company, we have extensive experience in the performance parts industry and can supply you with what you need across town, or across the world.


HotBits can supply you with a wide variety of products that can dramatically increase the performance and handling of your car. Below we have listed our products and some information about HotBits and what we can provide for you.

2/175 Cheltenham Rd
Dandenong, Victoria 3175
Telephone: 61-3-9793-7740 Fax: 61-3-9793-7745


What's new?

At Hotbits, we are constantly developing our products to create better performing equipment for your car. Check here to see what we have recently made available.


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