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Diesel Power ECU's

Diesel Power Up Kits

Diesel Power tuning technology is an Ergonomic fuel mapping delivery system designed to enhance Performance and the overall driving Experience for all diesel vehicles equipped with computer controlled injection systems. The Tuning Modules are specifically engineered to interact with the data and systems provided by the manufacturer's ECU controlled injection units while respecting all mechical and electronic safeguards set at the factory level.

Diesel Power Tuning Modules are available for many types of Common Rail Diesel Engines including:

VW Volkswagon

New Holland
Dodge Ram
Peugeot And Many More

How Does It Work?
The modules works by altering the fuel injection timing and duration, increasing overall horsepower and torque, while still maintaining or even Increasing Fuel Efficiency.

By working with the signal from the factory ECU system and making thousands of calculations per second the Diesel Power Module Enhances Power and Drivability without disturbing the factory safety features.

The module is usually set ready to plug in and drive away, if you require further information contact us on 03 9793 7740. While some diesel tuners regulate the diesel pump delivery, the common rail diesel tuning modules regulate the pressure of the fuel to optimise timing and quantity of diesel delivered on each revolution.

Simple plug and play system to enhance your vehicles performance. The diesel power tuning modules can be adjusted, see dial with arrow point on the end of tuning module, which has 0-15 pre programmed settings as shown (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f) this can be adjusted with a small flat bladed screwdriver.

To increase performance simply turn dial to a higher setting with the arrow point indicator, and for fuel economy decrease the number to a lower setting.

Diesel Power Diesel Tuning Modules are designed for all common rail diesel engines, includes automotive vehicles, medium duty truck and tractors. These include Digi-CR for all standard regular common rail diesels, Digi-CRT for medium duty truck and tractor applications. The Digi-VP for engines with Bosch VP44/30 fuel pumps, Digi-Z for engines with Bosch VP37 and Zexel fuel pump, Digi-PD for regular pumpe duse engines, also Digi-TPC turbo pressure controllers for VW TDI turbocharged engines.

Increased Horse Power and Torque between 20% to 30%. The variance is due to the design and technology of various diesel engines. Not all diesel engines are created equal.
No footprint left on your vehicle ECU. It is Undetectable upon removal of the module.
Easy Plug and Play system on most vehicles.
Fuel Saving up to 8% under normal driving conditions.
3 Year replacement warranty.
Enhanced drivability and performance, smoother shifting, better throttle response and longer engine life.
Variable Power Output settings adjustable to your vehicle and individual driving requirements.
Unlike performance "Chips" Tuning Modules are Safe, Dependable and Reliable, they are designed for people who rely on the efficiency of their diesel vehicle.

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