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D4D Hilux Turbo Upgrade

Diesel Power Up Kits

Toyota Hilux D4D Engine Power-Up Kits
1KD-FTV and 2KD-FTV Engine combinations
are supported.

Toyota Hilux D4D Turbo Kit Upgrade

Stage 1 : Air Filter, Replacement Air Duct ( removes the factory restriction ) and Diesel Power Module
We do recommend replacing the standard exhaust , with any good performance orientated aftermarket exhaust system.

Stage 2 : Serious Intercooler Upgrade !
The standard intercooler is okay when working at highway speeds etc, however, for either a real off-roader or a workhorse a major upgrade to the Intercooler is required.
Our AXT Stage 2 Liquid/Air Cooler Kit significantly reduces intake temperatures, under heavy loaded conditions and at very low vehicle speeds.
We recommend having Stage 1 fitted either prior or at the same time as this upgrade, however if you are looking simply for increasing the reliability and engine efficiency, then this option is fine by itself.

Stage 3 - The Ultimate Turbo Upgrade :
Using a custom turbine housing, unique Garrett Roller Bearing Centre and highly refined electronics, this upgrade has the potential to deliver the most impressive power-up opportunities...Power is only limited to tuning ability!
This upgrade is also a suitable upgrade for those who have had a factory "turbo failure" and are looking for a far more reliable option.
This turbo upgrade includes all the electronics to replace the factory boost control solenoid, which has been known to fail at the worst of times.
This turbocharger upgrade bolts directly in place of the original unit, with all coolant and lubrication adapters supplied.

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