K&N Washable Air Filters are the finest filters in the world. Normal filters use paper and as the holes become clogged with dirt your filter loses it's effectiveness and this causes a decrese in horsepower and fuel economy. K&N Filters feature a unique oiled cotton fabric that causes dirt particles to cling to the outside of the cloth and actually become part of the filter process. The dirt particles collected on the surface of a K&N element have very little effect on the air flow because there are no small holes to clog.


 1. Turbulent air enters filter area.

2. Pleated multi-layered oil impregnated surgical cotton fabric.

3. Suspended dirt on the outside does not cause significant airflow restriction (to 50,000 street miles).

4. Oil barrier attracts and holds dirt to become additional filter medium.

5. Bonded cotton wire/mesh straightens airflow reducing turbulence.

6. Straightened and filtered high-volume air enters the intake system.


K&N's unique filtration system means that while other filters are clogged to the point of no longer being usable, a K&N filter can still be functioning at a level far higher than any other filter on the market. It is this feature, combined with the quailty materials used that allows K&N to offer a ONE MILLION MILES ot TEN YEAR warrenty on their products (racing units and off road units are covered by a one year unlimited mileage warranty).

A K&N filter is also fully washable, able to be cleaned up to 25 times in the course of its life. This recommended to be done every 30,000 miles, or very 12 months and will ensure you receive top performance at all times from your filter.

K&N not only supply filters for racing and high performance cars, but they also supply products that allow you to get the best from your personal vehicle. Please email us and see what we can offer you in K&N filters.