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1FZ-FE 4.5L Engine Turbo Kit

Petrol 4X4 Turbo Kits > Toyota > Landcruiser

The AXT Turbo system to suit the Landcruiser 1FZ-FE 4.5L petrol engine is designed to suit a completely standard engine without any further modifications required.

This system has been designed and updated over many years of development, creating a complete system, providing USABLE gains across the entire RPM range.

From just off idle , you can expect a dramatic increase in pulling power, without the "turbo-lag", commonly associated with aftermarket turbo systems.

The secret to AXT's gains, lies within the complete Manifold , turbo and exhaust assemblies, providing the optimum backpressures and flows required for a usable, reliable and powerful solution. All are designed as a combination, to flow together, not against each other.

The AXT Turbo system includes as standard, the customised Liquid / Air Intercooler, with fully independent cooling system. Using a secondary radiator, thermo fan, electric water-pump and electronic control system, the liquid/air intercooling system offers far superior intercooling efficiency, against an equivalent air/air intercooling system. The bonus of liquid / air is it's ability to cool at very low vehicle speeds, like off road crawling, where high power, but low speed is required for a safe journey.

As with all AXT Turbo systems, we offer a range of tried, tested and proven upgrade paths. For those wanting extreme performance, AXT has a range of upgrades, designed to specifically suit your needs and engine build.

For those concerned with high fuel costs, AXT also offers a range of turbo acceptable LPG fuel options. LPG is not only a cheaper fuel, but also is substantially better for the environment.

AXT Turbo Kit Features :

* 2 Piece Cast Manifold, with integral expansion joint for long term durability.

* Completely Customised Garrett based Turbocharger.

* Teflon Lined Stainless Braided Water and Oil Lines.

* Customised Liquid / Air Intercooler, with secondary cooling system.

* Custom Piggy-back ECU for FULL tuning potential.

* High quality fittings, adapters, clamps, nuts, bolts etc.

* Full Mandrel exhaust system

* Cast Alloy ducting.

* Base Mapping for ECU included in Kit form.

* Pre-assembly of all components, to make for easy installation

AXT Turbo recommends professional tuning for the optimum in power and reliability.

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